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Who are Sam Clark & The Technocrats in Cryptopia?

Team Cryptopia
11.07.22 10:24 AM Comment(s)

Sam Clark & The Technocrats

Sam Clark is the genius behind most Daily technology. Clark started like any child curious about technology - by getting into robotics and coding. Sam Clark has developed tech to cater to human needs and wants, and views tech as the solution to everything. He hired and teamed up with likeminded individuals to establish the Technocrats, a group of young inventors innovating everyday life through technology and scientific experimentation. They believe that human progress and wealth are predicated on a timetable of technological achievement. 

With Cryptopia slowly establishing itself, Sam Clark sees the city-state as the best place to create the technological utopia that he envisioned, a brave new world to innovate and improve to its fullest technological capabilities.
They have a neutral stance towards renewable and non-renewable energy sources, and use whichever means necessary to achieve their goals.