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Voting on the Blockchain: How does Cryptopia do it?

Team Cryptopia
20.05.22 09:58 AM Comment(s)

Voting Power in Cryptopia

Cryptopians can vote for policies or any other proposal initiated by fellow faction members or a faction advisor. Each faction has a different strategy to gain their voting rights and power. 


The Inheritors voting power comes from staking CRT. There will be a vesting period when staking CRT in a staking facility. Only after the vesting period will they gain the right to vote. Their voting power is proportional to the amount of CRT staked.


Technocrats will need to reach level 5 in order to gain the right to vote. As you play the game, you will earn XP, and this will level you up. The more you level up, the more voting power you get.


The Unifiers will need to reach level 5 in order to gain the right to vote. The voting power will always be equal to 1 vote, aligning with their belief in a fair democratic system. 


The Earth’s Disciples will also need to reach level 5 to gain their voting right. In synchronization with Eco Faction’s gameplay mechanic, their voting power will come from capturing CO2. The more CO2 they capture, the more voting rights they will have. 


Pirates are Cryptopians and have the right to vote too. While Pirates are part of one of the four factions, it is important to note that they don't have the same kind of association and rights to the faction as they used to, and they'll need to earn the rights again as a Pirate – one of them being voting rights. As part of the gameplay, Pirates will need to take risks, such as looting and traveling around if their loot is hot in order to cool down. The risks taken will be measured and eventually will earn them the right to vote and increase their voting power. The more fierce the Pirate is, the more voting power they'll gain.