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Unlocking the Power and Potential of The Traditional Faction

29.12.22 05:21 AM Comment(s)
Why Should You Go Traditional?

It seems like yesterday when the majority of the kids in neighborhoods were hooked on playing classic video games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Mario. Thanks to advancements in computer graphics technology, we are now in the digital age where blockchain technology has grown exponentially over the last several decades; during the past few years, blockchain-based games have become more prevalent in the gaming industry.

Cryptopia is an independent city-state society based on the blockchain, where citizens can buy, sell, vote, and perform other essential activities using a safe, secure, and transparent system. It’s a Web3-based metaverse game and is mostly about exploring, utilizing, and expanding.

The Traditional Viewpoint

Another distinctive element of Cryptopia is that it contains 4 factions: Eco, Industrial, Traditional, and Tech. It all started when Cryptopia gained popularity and the people started to split into those factions as a result of the pursuit of different goals. Each faction has advantages and drawbacks. They also have ideas on what Cryptopia ought to be, so you will tend to lean more toward one faction depending on how you see the world or what's important to you. For instance, if your objectives are profit and gains, you might join the Industrial faction. You will likely join the Eco faction if your goals are to protect natural resources, maintain biodiversity, stop the creation of greenhouse gasses, and clean up pollution.

We’ll be diving deep into the Traditional faction for the purpose of this article. The Traditional faction believes that essential policies should be made with the people’s consensus and that everyone has equal rights and opportunities, with Jane Brown as their figurehead. 

As the elected head of the Unifiers (members of the Traditional faction), Jane Brown always did her part to contribute to the community. She has always upheld her belief that individuals will thrive, become their best selves, and prosper as long as they are a part of a community that accepts everyone as they are.

The Unifiers stand for the innumerable individuals who came here with nothing more than their possessions and a dream. Identifying themselves as the voice of the people, the Unifiers frequently act as the voice of the worries and interests of employees, clients, and citizens. They are often responsible for creating the laws and rules that keep powerful individuals and corporations in check.

As it is known, the start of the new civilization begins with inhabiting Cryptopia. So what better way to strengthen the society than to have a leader who believes that people are the heart of every rising civilization and that Cryptopia could be everyone’s and anyone's home?

Jane Brown is the figure most respected in the Traditional faction. Her magnetic personality and drive enable her to plan protests and compile lengthy lists of people who will call for responsibility and the adoption of the right course of action. She joined forces with a collection of like-minded lawmakers, activists, and businessmen to form the Unifiers through various grassroots campaigns. They have come to the conclusion that, despite having come from various backgrounds and prioritizing various but equally vital forms of activity, they all need one another's help to accomplish their objectives. She grounds her work in her sociological and legal studies, and as an attorney, she even provides pro bono legal services to her community.

There is no denying that the other three advisors have admirable objectives to accomplish in order to improve society in Cryptopia. According to Sam Clark, the Tech faction's advisor, their objective is to develop a small, expert community of people who contribute to enhancing the quality of life by putting technology advancements into practice. This may sound encouraging, but the Traditional faction doesn’t think that relying primarily on technology to raise people's quality of life is a good idea.

The members of the Traditional faction understand that development depends on influencing legislation to the advantage of the greatest number of people. If the majority vote goes against their agenda, they will nevertheless respect it. They have a capitalist tendency, and whether people choose to use renewable or non-renewable energy sources, depends on pricing. To put it simply, they believe that they are the future of Cryptopia.

In addition, the majority of the Unifiers' projects are housing developments and neighborhood gathering places for regular people, all with the aim of creating a perfect Cryptopia—a livable city for everyone. The Unifiers frequently assist small firms and do their best to keep them viable, especially when they are crucial to their communities. The Unifiers think there is room for everyone, and that everyone should have an equal opportunity to live a decent life.


Subjectively, Jane Brown is the perfect example of what an advisor should be. Aside from being cutthroat with her investigations, precise in her knowledge of the law, and fearsome in her expertise, she is also the voice of the people, amplifying their needs to the authorities and bringing calm amid the agitated voices.

Feel free to DYOR with the other three factions to determine which of their objectives most closely resemble your values and beliefs in creating a better society in Cryptopia.

It is never too late to become a Cryptopian, so stop hesitating and choose the faction you want to join and claim your NFT too! You may either launch a career and become an in-demand expert or you can become a tycoon and create your own empire. At Cryptopia's official discord, you can share your thoughts and ideas for action with other members of your faction and fellow Cryptopians.