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These 7 Things Will Make You Mint a Bounty Hunter EAS

20.12.22 08:47 AM Comment(s)
There have been countless iterations of bounty hunters in video games, but few of them will be as rewarding as joining the bounty hunters of Cryptopia. Pirates and bounty hunters are given a unique playing style in the Cryptopia metaverse. 

#7 — Take advantage of the bounty hunter training badge that you can earn when you mint a bounty hunter early access ship. The bounty hunter training badge will enable you to equip a bounty hunter early access ship, lets you accept bounty hunting quests and begin confronting pirates. Once you’re able to complete your first bounty hunting mission you will be rewarded with a full-fledged bounty hunter badge. Down the line, this will also help you gain higher level badges that give abilities and bonuses to boost your pirate-hunting gameplay. (Subject to change.)

#6 — You can protect the promised land of metaverse games. Just like ruffians have preyed on innocent civilians in the old world, the pirates are an entire group of players that wish to pillage the riches of Cryptopia City’s citizenry. Becoming a bounty hunter gives you the opportunity to help fellow Cryptopians from becoming one of the poor victims of the marauding pirates of the open seas.

#5 — Bounty hunting missions add even more depth to Cryptopia’s vast ocean of adventure. The game is already appealing for its strategy and MMO role-playing thanks to the faction rivalry between: the Unifiers and the Technocrats, and the Inheritors and the Earth’s Disciples. We all liked the recent update on pirates, but the developers of Cryptopia took it one step further by incorporating more gameplay mechanics into the mix. The addition of bounty hunters not only adds depth, but also promises to balance the pirates’ gameplay. Besides the explicit antagonism between factions, and pirates and bounty hunters, there are still game mechanics that are shared between them. The Eco faction players and bounty hunters, and Eco faction pirates still share a common agenda—keeping global pollution levels down to maximize their building production. There might not be any direct cooperation from them at this point, but devs will enhance the gaming experience as we approach mainnet and beyond.

#4 — Catch new pirates easily. Early access ships are overpowered to begin with, but minting a bounty hunter early access ship gives you a significant advantage in helping Cryptopians recover their loot from pirates that are using starter ships, no matter which faction you join in testnet. Even the Industrial faction’s ship called Neptune—the slowest one available in early access—has a 20% speed advantage over the starter ship. Bounty hunters in the Tech faction have the fastest ship in Cryptopia, enjoying nearly twice the speed of basic starter ships. This movement speed advantage comes incredibly useful when every tile a pirate travels will lower the ‘hot’ meter of their ill-gotten loot. When the hot meter runs out, they will end up getting away with the loot. Upgrading the speed of your bounty hunter early access ship makes you even more likely to catch pirates.

#3 — Help preserve Cryptopia’s world economy. It’s no secret that Cryptopia’s revolutionary tokenomics allow for ‘recycling’ in-game resources including CRT and other fungible tokens. Pirates and their looting mechanics perform a key role in the circular economy of Cryptopia by allowing a portion of the loot to be repurposed into quests and other activities. Bounty hunter gameplay also performs a vital role in this by retrieving the resources other players have lost to pirates. This creates a direct route for players to recuperate their losses in exchange for a rewarding bounty. If they do not set an enticing reward then the loot will be lost. The bounty system and other aspects of Cryptopia’s sustainability will set it apart in the play-and-earn metaverse gaming space.

#2 — Being a bounty hunter doesn’t limit the gameplay potential of players, but only adds to what already has great replayability. Bounty hunters can participate in quests available to other Cryptopia players, while having the option to do gigs in between. This reminds us of a lot of side-hustles in the real world, and also expands our personal influence in-game. There is really no downside in choosing to be a bounty hunter unless you really want to be a pirate.

#1 — You can always be a pirate later. If you decide the bounty hunter life isn’t for you, just like players from any other faction, you can just turn to a pirate later. Be wary though, since the game is entirely on the blockchain, any change made in the game is irreversible. Players from any faction—including bounty hunters—can turn into pirates when they accumulate enough negative karma. What makes bounty hunters different is how they get negative karma. While most Cryptopians will receive negative karma from attacking other civilian ships, bounty hunters gain negative karma when they accept a bounty hunting ‘mini quest’, obtain the loot from a pirate, but fail to return it to its rightful owner. Before you decide to be a pirate give the bounty hunting game a shot, because you most definitely will have a unique gameplay experience. If the loot is just too irresistible, you can keep it, but remember this will put you at risk of becoming a pirate yourself!

In conclusion, there are several benefits in minting a bounty hunter early access ship that can help enrich your Cryptopia gaming experience, that also builds upon the real world profitability of playing Cryptopia. This allows players to enjoy more of the game without being secluded from the main body of Cryptopians, unlike being a pirate.

Bounty hunters also provide an in-game service to other players looted by pirates, and can be a great starting point to making many friends and acquaintances from players you’ve helped. Being a bounty hunter during early access can give players a big advantage in the beginning stages of mainnet, especially against pirates using a starter ship. Earning badges and having a direct stream of income from other players in this stage of the game gives players a headstart in their journey building a DeFi empire.