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The Set Back from Gas in Blockchain Gaming: What is Cryptopia's Solution? 

Team Cryptopia
31.05.22 03:06 AM Comment(s)

Cryptopia's Gas Mechanism

Cryptopia is 100% serverless and based completely on the blockchain, which means that we will encounter gas fees each time we make a move. Although you can freely navigate around Cryptopia in Discovery Modegas will be required once you decide to travel to a tile. Please note that we’ll be launching on Polygon, a layer-2 solution designed to help scale Ethereum and well known for its low gas fees.

The great part about Cryptopia’s gas payment structure is its seamless integration within the game. This is done with a gas account system we have set in place for each player, which functions by a small percentage of your quest reward flowing into your gas account. It is possible in theory to run low on gas, and in this case you’ll be cued by the game to transfer some funds from your multi-sig wallet into that account. We believe however, our implementation frees you from ever worrying about insufficient gas; you will fuel yourself simply by playing.