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The road towards our NFT launch

05.11.21 11:00 AM Comment(s)

Based on our final testing round on October 30th, we have concluded that our website and smart contracts are good to go!

Cryptopia NFT artwork featuring the faction advisors

We have worked on Cryptopia for two years with a small team and community. Now we’re ready to start growing the community and share more of the game on the road to our NFT launch! We’re ready for input from the community to make Cryptopia into the best blockchain game out there!

To do this, we’ll share more of our content and technology over the next weeks. As you might know, we already have a lot!

FIM wallet

Our very own FIM (Fully Integrated Multisig) wallet. This takes away the need for an external wallet in order to play the game. The wallet has many exciting features such as on-chain 2FA security and compatibility with multiple major blockchains.

Decentralized gamestate

The smart-contracts that make up the heart of the game. To ensure that Cryptopia is fully decentralized the entire gamestate is hosted on-chain. Think players, maps, title deeds and riches such as oil and gold!

3D models

Unique 3D models of the people, buildings, vehicles, vegetation and more that make up the game. And of course the algorithms that generate the 3D world based on the decentralized gamestate on the fly!


Extensive documentation that lays out the story, gameplay, technical architecture, governance and more.

We truly feel like our game has unique potential in the crypto gaming space.

One of our goals is to draw attention to problems in society such as climate change and inequality. We love the idea of a complete reset of society in the form of a game. Due to the nature of the blockchain, choices made by one player can have permanent consequences for everyone. Besides being fun to play, it should make for an interesting social experiment! The game is designed in such a way that some groups are diametrically opposed to each other, while they might need to work together in order to solve problems. The game is not controlled by anyone, other than it’s players who collectively own the game world. They will have to find solutions together within the framework that they have at their disposal.

Importantly, we want to give everyone the chance to participate in Cryptopia! We don’t want only a select group to be able to buy land in a game that isn’t fun to play. Beginners with little or no crypto to start with, are included through the many free-to-play elements in the game. Players can earn coins by fulfilling quests and leveling up among other things.

Once we have enough Cryptopians onboard to successfully launch Cryptopia and reset society, we’ll start the seven day countdown timer to the NFT launch!