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The Rightful Inheritors

08.02.23 12:08 PM Comment(s)

Cryptopia’s Industrial faction, the Inheritors, paid most of their hard-earned fortunes to make seasteading possible. Without the purchasing power of the Industrial faction, the now thriving city-state wouldn’t exist.

The Inheritors should own Cryptopia

In the spirit of building a community with lasting prosperity, Peter Nolan decided to share the burden with the Technocrats, the Unifiers, and the Earth’s Disciples. Expecting nothing less than cooperation from their respective leaders—Sam Clark, Jane Brown and John Smith. Some Cryptopian leaders of the other factions were more helpful than others, nevertheless, the Industrial faction spearheaded the endeavor under the impression of having major equity, by investing great fortunes that took lifelong work and sacrifice to build.

The enormous risk taken in funding the infrastructure of Cryptopia yielded some rewards, but were mostly disappointing. The fair partnership we hoped to build turned out riddled with flaws reminiscent of bureaucracy in the Old World, and our stake in the crucial stages of developing Cryptopia was brushed aside and demoted the Inheritors as angel investors. The indispensable Inheritors were treated as minor stakeholders when they have rightful claims to ownership.

Collective Bargaining Disagreement

Meanwhile, the so-called “Unifiers” supplied the manpower for building the seasteading platform and promoted divisiveness.

The Technocrats discovered a new thing to develop, further thinning limited research and development funds

And the Disciples—made it all ‘prettier’? As if that’s even an attestable contribution.

If players want any sizable stake in this revolutionary undertaking, there is no question which faction to join, the rightful Inheritors of Cryptopia.

They’re called greedy. Well, everyone can all use a little more money, or a lot. Money is energy after all, it’s a force multiplier—just like any other tool. It won’t solve everything but it gives a lucrative advantage to those on the right side.

And money is indeed on the winning side.

Impending Hostile Takeover

Wanting to get ahead isn’t a malicious pursuit unlike other faction leaders, saying they want one thing while working for other vested self-interests. That is simply distasteful.

Cryptopians are not naive to think money isn’t the end goal. In fact, the wager of two and a half billion $CRT in private equity investments to the Cryptopia project relies on this. All of Cryptopia knows that Inheritors want to make more money, and you can count on the Industrial faction to be loyal to this endeavor and will never hide this truth in disguise of any other agenda.

On the other hand, Jane Brown is the chief exploiter of her own labor force, the very same population that she vows to protect. Sam Clark and his Technocrats seem like close allies on the surface, but as the saying goes – ‘Keep friends close, but…’ well, that’s the idea. Peter Nolan antagonizes the Disciples in faction meetings most often—simply because he can. John Smith and his Eco faction are easy targets, and they are not a legitimate threat to Industrialist affairs.

The original Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto is founded on the premise that a network with the least cost yields the greatest incentives, and that trust has no room in this arrangement. Whether the Inheritors, and other factions are trustworthy is irrelevant. The system of trusting a third party is inherently flawed. The business relationships built in Cryptopia should not be based on “Old World” idealism like trust but must be based on empirical proof and quantifiable contributions to the future of Cryptopia as a society.

A Call to Action

Cryptopians don’t need to trust Peter Nolan just because he looks like James Bond with a better beard-stache. They should, however, trust their very own intuition. Cryptopia and its business models are not only disruptive to the status quo of political influence on multinational corporations—Cryptopia will be the first supranational entity in existence since the time of the British and Dutch East Indies Companies. The Inheritors will not be answerable to any government, but the Inheritors can—and will be—the acting government if anyone choose to join the Industrial faction, and not those self-righteous pantomimes.

The fallacy of renewable energy is that it reduces carbon emissions, and they claim ‘at best’ to be carbon neutral. It is all nonsense, as even the Old World scientists have determined renewable energy sources are carbon positive! Where do they plan to get the energy needed to build 500 foot wind turbines that are made from tons and tons of steel? From the industrial might of the Inheritors, of course!

There are currently no ways to eliminate carbon emissions from iron and carbon mineral mining, smelting it into steel, forming them into billets in foundries, stamping and milling the billets into the hub and rotor assembly… These all require oil—lots and lots of it. Even maintenance and spare parts for repairs, all require non-green energy.

As for the ‘biodiversity’ Mr. Smith wishes to protect? 1.17 million birds die each year from wind turbines in the United States alone. That’s just birds. Hydroelectric power plants in Europe are threatening 163 individual fish species with extinction. Even solar panels are far from benign when broken, rain leaches toxic heavy metals like lead and cadmium into the soil and groundwater, that’s apart from their fossil fuel intensive rare earth mineral mining.

As Industrialists, there is hope to discover a perpetual “green” energy chain, after all it is The Inheritors that funded their experiments pursuing this type of energy, yet again—as a gesture of good will. Yet after all this generous contribution from the Inheritors, John Smith responds with such contempt, he even claims to have the best beard-stache among Cryptopia’s faction leaders.

Inheritors are not so petty as to retaliate with this mockery, afterall, they count on Cryptopians and other future citizens to vote wisely with their feet. Walk away from other scrupulous factions only using personal conscience to influence their own advantage. Walk away from their propaganda and towards unimaginable success with the Industrial faction. Leave your footprints for future generations to follow, so that they may also Inherit the riches beyond measure that will only be within your reach if you join the Industrial faction.

Be one of the true sons and heirs of Cryptopia. Join the Inheritors.