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Technocrats: Improving the Quality of Life in Cryptopia

Team Cryptopia
11.07.22 06:13 AM Comment(s)

The Technocrats have the most futuristic and analytical perspective of Cryptopia, and aim to create self-sustaining industries running on technology. They partially consider the affect its output will have on climate, however if production and profits outweigh the environmental impacts, then the CO2 emissions won’t be a barrier in advancing society. While their opposition, the Unifiers (Traditional Faction) seek to gather the largest population of like-minded people to dominate their way through Cryptopia, the Technocrats strive to achieve a limited expert population of people who contribute to improving the quality of life using technological advancements; this puts the Technocrats at odds with the Unifiers.

There will be a universal measurement of the total Population of Cryptopia. This factor will be visualized as a meter, and high population levels will benefit the Traditional Faction, low population levels will work in favor of the Tech faction.

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