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Roadmap Update

26.05.22 05:00 AM Comment(s)

Finally, it is here: the update of our roadmap! As we explained in our blog post Cryptopia Roadmap and Go-To-Market, blockchain development is a game of patience and perseverance. Add the uniqueness of our project with a game state that is 100% on-chain, and you can understand that we cannot always hit our milestones.

That said, we are very proud to show you the following progress.

NFT Market Place (50% done)


  • All smart contracts are ready for the buy, sell and auction mechanisms.
  • All events that happen on the blockchain are connected to the database and UI.

Navigate through the game (90% done)


  • Discovery mode: navigate freely around the map without a transaction on the blockchain. This allows players to explore and strategize before making a move.
  • Multiplayer: you can see other players move on the map!
  • Movement flow: from explorer mode to the actual transaction. There is a logical flow with confirmations and position data. All captured with beautiful visuals.

Wallet (80% done)
Below-mentioned updates are compatible between Cryptopia's multi-sig wallet and external ERC20 compatible wallets.
• Send and receive native currency tokens ($ETH) 
• Hold, send and receive all in-game NFTs 

Player Profile (40% done)

Add ships to player profile (50% done)


  • Faction ships are connected to the profile.

Avatar customization (30% done)


  • Front end of customization module.

City/world maps (50% done)


  • All preparations for creating maps
  • Entering a map (50% done)

Add resources to the game world (100% done)


  • All resources are added to the blockchain
  • All resources load on tiles
  • Visuals for resources


  • Added wildlife (deer) to tiles
  • Finalized first version of the minimap
  • Boosted performance with GPU instancing
  • Added caching to path validation for gas performance

What’s next?

Our demo will be updated with navigation functionality and resources. The early access holders can play this updated demo soon. Do you want to have access too? You can get early access here

Then we start with the gameplay for the open beta build! This build consists of the following.

  • Starter quests
  • Multiplayer travel
  • Discovery mode
  • Wildlife
  • Claim tiles
  • Build mines
  • Extract resources

Remember: early access holders benefit during the open beta! They can pre-purchase a tile (claim on testnet and redeem at mainnet) and can carry over resources from testnet to mainnet! Read all about this in our blog post Cryptopia Roadmap and Go-To-Market.

We showcase and discuss a lot in our dev and design channels on Discord. Not there yet? Please join us!