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Realms in Blockchain Gaming: Cryptopia Plans to Launch Multiple Realms

Team Cryptopia
01.06.22 03:58 AM Comment(s)

Realms in Blockchain Game: Cryptopia Plans to Launch Multiple Realms

The architecture of Cryptopia’s code is designed with the intention of launching on multiple blockchain infrastructures. EVM (ethereum virtual machine) compatible chains is the initial framework that the game will be published on, thanks to the generous grant received from Polygon. To complement this, Cryptopia is in talks with Avalanche to secure another realm for the game. Partnering with Avalanche opens the possibility for Cryptopia’s own L2 (layer 2) blockchain, which will be designed specifically for P2E gaming. (Updates and details on this upon implementation.)

Cryptopia plans to eventually exist as multiple realms across various blockchains. A realm is a version of the game on another blockchain. It is not a duplicate of the game, but rather contains unclaimed assets (both fungible and non-fungible) divided asymmetrically across the various blockchains; so each realm of Cryptopia will look different. For example, if Cryptopia contains 10,000 gold assets, 7,000 could be in the Polygon realm, while 3,000 are in the Avalanche realm.

The blockchains that Cryptopia will be published on contain an ETH bridge, and this enables the possibility of transferring your assets between the realms. For example, if you own an NFT Ship with upgraded specs, or a fungible asset like Gold, you can transfer those assets which exist in your multisig wallet (game account) from the Polygon to the Avalanche realm using their respective ETH bridge; the bridge will harmonize the assets between the realms.

Cryptopia will not exist on multiple chains from the get-go; the first realm will be leadoff on Polygon. Over time as Cryptopia grows, the game will publish realms on the other chains following the demand.