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Play-and-Earn with Cryptopia: What's Your Strategy?

Team Cryptopia
27.05.22 07:19 AM Comment(s)

Cryptopia's Main Gameplay Strategies

There are two main approaches when playing Cryptopia, an Adventurer and a Tycoon, and you have the freedom to construct your game plan. You can choose to invest your time and play as an Adventurer or invest your money and play as a Tycoon; however if you're a jack-of-all-trades, you can invest your time & money to pursue both strategies simultaneously!

The Adventure strategy in Cryptopia complements the Free-to-Play concept of blockchain metaverse gaming. As an adventurer, like in real life, you're seeking to become the best professional in your career. There are many occupations to choose from, such as an architect, tailor, and goldsmith to name a few. It's important to know that you will start off at an entry-level position and have to climb your way to the top by completing quests. So to be an architect, you will start off as a construction worker and gradually upgrade. How this works is, when you complete quests you will earn XP (experience points) and sometimes Blueprint NFTs (Tycoons will require this); these XPs are used to upgrade your career level. Another function of the XPs are to upgrade your traits which consists of your luck score and charisma, and this will come into use to advance your way around Cryptopia. Another aspect of taking the adventure path is to sabotage your opponents' factories; sabotaging will slow down their production. In order to successfully sabotage, your loyalty has to be higher than the factory's, and loyalty is determined by NFT Loyalty Cards.

As a Tycoon you need to have funds to invest and succeed in the game, and the objective is to build your DeFi empire and earn passively from txs fees. The way to go about this is by first claiming land tiles with resources in them, which you'll receive a Title Deed NFT for in your multi-sig wallet as proof of land ownership. After this acquisition, you'll need a Blueprint NFT that outlines all the things needed in order to build on this tile. The Blueprints can be found in the in-game NFT marketplace. Once you acquire everything needed, you can begin to construct on the tile, harvest the resources, generate electricity, and eventually build your own DeFi empire. Your DeFi structures can be a DEX and a staking facility (PoW and PoS). There will be saboteurs along the way trying to slow down your production for which you'll need Loyalty Cards as a defense mechanism.

In summary, the Adventure and Tycoon paths represent the system we live in, with business owners and employees. Tycoons need to invest money to build their business empire, and adventurers invest time and hard work climbing their way up the professional ladder.