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Pirates & Bounty Hunters in a Blockchain Based Metaverse Game

Team Cryptopia
18.05.22 04:57 AM Comment(s)

The Pirates & Bounty Hunters of Cryptopia

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is the Pirate’s Den, it’s their safe haven, the same way Cryptopia City is every faction player’s safe haven. There will be a different map for Treasure Island that shows where the resources (treasures) are, but the Pirates will not have access to them. Only players from factions will have the ability to avail these resources. Pirates are strongest around this area and will have a much higher chance to successfully loot you. When the pirates travel away from their area closer to Cryptopia City, they’ll be more vulnerable and have a higher chance of losing the treasure they stole.

Who are the Pirates?

Initially when Cryptopia launches, there will be no Pirates at Treasure Island because the pirates are players who commit a number of wrongdoings. When you attack another player at the Cryptopian seas you will receive a negative karma point, and when enough negative karma is collected, only then are you taken to Treasure Island and gain the role as a pirate. It’s important to note that once you become a Pirate, there’s no turning back to entering your Faction again; this is permanent because the game state exists completely on the blockchain and is irreversible. The only way you can start playing Cryptopia as a pirate is by minting a Pirate Early-Access Ship.

What does a Pirate do?

As a Pirate, you have a handful of strategic plays available, however the main objective is to loot the resources that are being carried in other players' ships. Once you loot the resources they will be ‘hot’, and this means that the resources are vulnerable to being taken away from you by Bounty Hunters.

Who are the Bounty Hunters?

Bounty Hunters are players from any faction who want to receive the bounties that get set by pirate victims. After being looted by a pirate, the victim will be presented with the opportunity to place a bounty. The player will set a bounty on that pirate for a certain amount of CRT. Multiple victims can contribute to the bounty. The amount of CRT needs to be attractive enough for another player to accept the job of hunting that pirate down. This can be considered as a mini quest.

What happens once a Pirate loots a Player’s resources?

As a Pirate, the first thing you will receive are XPs when you successfully make a loot, and then you will want to secure your loot because it is ‘hot’. In order to do that, you’ll need to travel around at a distance away from Treasure Island to drop the ‘hot’ meter; the more you move around the quicker the ‘hot’ meter goes down, but this also means you’re in unsafe territory, so the Bounty Hunters can get to you. The ‘hot’ meter will never go down if you do not move around, but will go down faster if you’re moving around further away from Treasure Island. After a number of moves, if you manage to evade all the Bounty Hunters and manage to get the ‘hot’ meter down to zero, you can then utilize the resources.

How does a Pirate protect themselves from Bounty Hunters?

As previously mentioned, a Pirate will receive XPs when they successfully make a loot. These XPs are used for upgrading your specs. Exactly how a faction player can upgrade their specs, so can a pirate. You can upgrade your charisma, luck, strength or speed and use it to your advantage.