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Pets in a Blockchain Based Metaverse Game: What will Cryptopia do with Pets?

Team Cryptopia
21.06.22 05:30 AM Comment(s)

Cryptopian Pets & Beyond

What do pets provide you with IRL? Companionship? Support? A better persona? Well, you may or not be surprised to know that in-game pets do come with some of these factors. They offer a personal touch to your gameplay, and are implemented in different ways across various games. 

In World of Warcraft, pets are great at making your fight easier by debuffing your enemy, or in The Elder Scrolls Online, they provide loyalty rewards and even add a charm to your character. Adopting from previous implementations, Cryptopia will have pets as well – equipping your player with a boost on their stats.


Pets are NFTs in Cryptopia, and this means that they will live in your in-game multisig wallet. Dogs, cats, and birds are just a few of the animals that you can domesticate. It is however possible for the pets to be part of a faction, and if your pet matches your faction it will be a bonus to your gameplay. These cute animals follow you around and keep you company at all times, and they will play a functional role at enhancing your player’s stats. The nuts and bolts of the aforementioned points are still under development, but what’s to come next is the even more exciting part.

Our developers are designing a system which will allow NFT pets from other projects to be converted and used inside of Cryptopia. As you may know by now, Cryptopia is 100% on the blockchain, so to implement this mechanic we need a way to convert the off-chain data – in this case it’s the stats of the NFT pet – and aggregate that information on-chain. The pet stats from other games and projects will often not match Cryptopia’s player stats, so in the process of bringing the information on-chain, the stats need to be transcoded to become Cryptopia-friendly; this will be executed via a matrix. For example, the result would be to turn an NFT attack stat to boost your player’s luck, or a defense stat to boost their charisma