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Peter Nolan & The Inheritors

10.11.21 11:00 AM Comment(s)

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Close-up shot of Peter Nolan, Industrial Advisor

Peter Nolan

What drives human excellence is competition, and no one knew this better than Peter Nolan. When he was given an opportunity by his father to start his own business, he immediately took the opportunity to create his own empire. Despite the many pitfalls and bankruptcies he suffered in his business ventures, with special help of his father’s finance, he knows that it doesn’t matter how many times he has fallen, but how many times he stood up.

From his not-so-humble start in real estate, he made his way through multiple businesses, eventually settling on manufacturing and energy production. Through his various trades and negotiations, he learned that the true value of business is opportunity. When people walk away thinking they got the best deals, the more profitable his chances could be.

That’s why opportunity is Peter Nolan’s best product. He can provide you the opportunity to be the best business in the market through discounted goods and affordable labor. He can give you an opportunity you want with the right price and signed paperwork. What sets him apart from everyone is that no matter what, he gets the deal he wants.

There was nothing unsellable to Peter. Abandoned property can be flipped and sold to the right client. A surplus of goods, gone in an instant with the right moment. A brand, timeless when plastered everywhere. After all, if no one knows your name, how can they remember your company, more so your business? Everything is for sale to anyone at the right price, to the right buyer.

Though the selections of candidates were many, the Inheritors eventually decided that Peter Nolan was the ideal leader of the Inheritors. He is a businessman who knows what the people want and need. Ruthless and charismatic, he has just the right tenacity to close a deal but just enough charm to make people want to come back for more. What is a business without its customers, after all?

The industrial faction

Cryptopia is a luxury that few can afford, and many can’t fully grasp. Cryptopia may just be distant islands to the untrained eye; to the Inheritors, it’s the new frontier. With many countries having their customs, laws, and traditions, Cryptopia offers a clean slate for all. Making Cryptopia the perfect place to establish foundations for businesses that are way too big and ahead of their time for any country and their limited laws and customs.

The Inheritors have sought the land as prime real estate. It is for brave pioneers to establish their business, for those with influence to innovate, and for those who are willing to take the risk, front row seats to the future.

In entering this new landscape, the Inheritors have decided to make Cryptopia its main center point of business. If you’re in the know, your business would be in Cryptopia, and if you aren’t, then you’re playing a losing game.

With this in mind, everyone wants to be the first to do anything of anything in Cryptopia, but as Inheritors, nothing is half-assed. Whether your preferred business mode is fossil fuels, solar power, or nuclear energy, so be it. For as long as your business stays relevant and afloat, everything is a free game. The goal of the game is to reach the top and remain on top.

Many may disagree and call the Inheritors unreasonably ruthless, usually by those who prioritize making empty lands look pretty in hopes that it’ll appease the planet, or misguided technology enthusiasts with no sense of direction, or perhaps the untapped target market and future employees. The Inheritors look forward to the future by maximizing all resources to get us there.

But what separates the Inheritors from any other honest-to-goodness business is that, one way or another, those who limit themselves with self-imposed rules are doomed to fail. Those who don’t only have to wait to inherit.

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