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November 2022 Monthly Update

01.12.22 08:29 AM Comment(s)

About Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a next-gen metaverse game based entirely on the blockchain that provides players with a grand opportunity to earn as they play. From inception, it was created with the idea that it wouldn’t be like any other blockchain game out there, especially because it’s designed with fun gameplay. 

Cryptopia has actively been growing & developing, and we want to be sure our investors and community members are up to date with everything we’ve been working on.


November was an absolutely eventful month! Cryptopia had its pre-alpha launch, a scavenger hunt, and our team members attended the well-renowned Philippine Web3 Festival as well!

Pre-Alpha Launch Update

On October 31st, we had our pre-alpha launch. This was our updated demo with many new added features and functions. It was shown to our early investors in a private webinar, hosted by our CEO, Sangho Grolleman. Since then, we have had more updates implemented on a weekly basis. With this progression, we are very excited to deploy the game on Polygon’s Mumbai Testnet soon. At this stage, new investors as first-time players will be able to play the demo!

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt was really fun to prepare for, and even more fun to see the community’s involvement. We had 4 locations for our participants which were revealed in riddles and clues. Parts of a private key were hidden in an image that got availed to the participant after they found the location. The private key corresponds to a pre-funded wallet worth $300 USDT — a HUGE congratulations to  Marie Claire Catubay, aka Yanda, for winning the grand prize!

Philippine Web3 Festival

The Philippine Web3 Festival was an action-packed week, as Pichapen our CMO, Pinky our Thailand Ambassador, and Laudie our Community Manager along with our moderators, joined the fun at the event. We met with so many project owners and Web3 personalities. Our team learned a lot from interacting with the Web3 community. We saw folks we were only interacting with online and formed solid partnerships along the way. Some of the projects we connected with: Sky Mavis,,, XPLA, Solana, Devikins, Astro XP, Playgroundzero, and Kats Dojo. Special shoutout to Blockchain Space and YGG for organizing the event. It truly was an extremely productive and memorable time, and we are surely looking forward to the next one!

Development & Design Updates

With our pre-alpha launch coming soon, the development and design updates are looking very interesting now!

Collecting Resources, Food & Fruits UI

All the resources, food, and fruits in Cryptopia exist in the form of fungible tokens (ERC-20).

Creature NFT Card Update

Panthers, Rhinos, Snakes, and Falcons are some of the new creatures added to Cryptopia. These are companion NFTs that you can capture in mini-games, and they play a functional role in enhancing your player’s stats.

Escape (ESC) Menu

The new function of the ESC menu enables a faster and more natural gaming experience.

Cryptopia City 3D Animation

Greece Early-Access Ships

We have added a new country to our variations of early-access ships: Greece.

New Loading Screens

Desert Scene

Loading screen of Cryptopia’s desert — you’ll find sand here, and sand is an infinite resource in Cryptopia.

Loading screen of Cryptopia’s desert — you’ll find sand here, and sand is an infinite resource in Cryptopia.

Rocky Area Scene

Loading screen for Cryptopia’s rocky lands.

Loading screen for Cryptopia’s rocky lands.

Mine Concept Art

Underground Mine: 1, 2, 3
Surface Mine: 4

Eco: 1, 2, 3
Industrial: 4
Tech: 1, 2, 3, 4
Traditional: 1, 2, 3, 4

New Map

With Cryptopia moving into the Polygon Mumbai testnet, we've published a map of 1,200 tiles containing terrain index (desert/forest/grassland) and vegetation level in all terrain types.

Thank you for joining our journey, connect with us and stay updated!

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