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July 2022 Monthly Update

Team Cryptopia
01.08.22 10:38 AM Comment(s)

About Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a next-gen metaverse game based entirely on the blockchain that provides players a grand opportunity to earn as they play. From inception, it was created with the idea that it wouldn’t be like any other blockchain game out there, especially because it’s designed to have fun gameplay. 

Cryptopia has actively been growing & developing, and we want to make sure our investors and community members are up to date with everything we’ve been working on.


Since the end of June till the end of July, we have seen a gradual and healthy growth across our community in social media, especially Facebook and Discord. We saw an overall 35% increase in followers across the board! We are very proud to see consistent growth month over month, and it’s only thanks to each and every one of you 🙏.

Twitter Spaces

Last month (June) we started hosting Twitter Spaces featuring guests in the blockchain industry. This month we hosted spaces on Pirates, in the spirit of Pirate Week (we’ll get into that later), Traditional + Blockchain Gaming, and Web3 Adoption. It’s really great to listen to the different takes our guests have on these topics, and we love to interact with our community’s questions as well. Visit our Twitter to listen to the recording of our Twitter Spaces.


As previously mentioned, we had a Pirate Week, and a week later we had a Tech week. These two weeks were dedicated to educating the community about the various aspects and gameplays of the Pirates and Tech Faction in Cryptopia. 

Pirate Week stood out the most because apart from multiple educational posts on social media and discussions around Pirates in our Discord, we had a Pirate Night with our community members. Everyone enjoyed hanging out together in different Pirate outfits with their favorite drinks! Members even did pirate impressions and some sang songs. There were giveaways for some of the best impressions and dressups.

Development & Design Updates

This month there were a lot of new developments, and here are some of the key ones:

  1. Faster game loading time

2. Dynamic player and animal movement

3. Early Access Ships and Pirate Ships are now implemented in the game

4. Underwater Elements Implemented

5. Buildings are in development

6. Cliffs around some tiles have been implemented

7. Mini game for capturing companions (Minting Companion NFTs)

8. Android build of Cryptopia is functional – Full UI is yet to be implemented

9. Pirate Tech & Traditional Advisors

10. Pirate & Bounty Hunter Confrontation Concept Art

11. Bounty Hunter Ships Concept Art

Thank you for joining our journey, connect with us and stay updated!

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