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Jane Brown & The Unifiers

30.11.21 11:00 AM Comment(s)

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Close-up shot of Jane Brown, Traditional Faction advisor

Jane Brown

Jane Brown grew up in a tight-knit community where everyone knew each other and had each other’s back. If her mother needed a babysitter, she knew two doors down that a neighbor could take care of her and her siblings. If her father’s car broke down, his co-worker could offer carpool. If her siblings were failing in math, a teacher lived some four blocks away, and the kid across the street already took the class last year and knew the answers. She knew, over time, that for as long as you belonged to a community that welcomed anyone as they are, people would flourish, thrive, and become their best selves.

Often seen in food kitchens and community activities, Jane Brown always did her part to contribute to her community. She is caring and outspoken and often the first one to lend a helping hand. Don’t mistake her kindness as weakness, however, as she is also the first to call for petitions and protests when business and politics start to harm communities around her. Her electric charisma and initiative help her organize demonstrations and draft entire lists of people who will demand accountability and a proper course of action. She is cutthroat with her investigations, precise in her knowledge of law, and fearsome in her expertise. She grounds her efforts through her studies of law and sociology as an attorney, even representing her neighbors pro bono.

Through various grassroots movements, she and a group of like-minded individuals such as lawmakers, activists, and businessmen have teamed up to become the Unifiers. They’ve agreed that though they grew up in different walks of life and prioritized different yet important activisms, they all need each other’s support to see their goals into fruition. This union becomes essential for everyone, especially as Jane Brown looks towards a Cryptopia that could be everyone and anyone’s home.

The traditional faction

The start of the new civilization begins with inhabiting Cryptopia. Like farmers searching for new land, people have settled in Cryptopia to build a new life and tradition to start a clean slate.

The Unifiers are the representatives of the countless people who arrived with only their belongings and a dream. Declaring themselves as the people’s voice, the Unifiers are usually the spokesperson for the concerns and well-being of workers, customers, and citizens. They often are the ones crafting the laws and regulations that keep businesses and people in power in line.

Jane Brown is the elected head of the Unifiers, who spearheaded multiple acts of law and regulations towards companies that steal and abuse their workers. As she is the people’s voice, she amplifies the needs of the people to the authorities and creates order amongst the frustrated voices.

Most projects of the Unifiers consist of housing projects and community centers for the everyday citizen with the common goal of making Cryptopia a livable city for all. They often support small businesses and try to keep them afloat to the best of their abilities, especially when essential to their communities. The Unifiers also believe there is room for everyone regardless of their upbringing and background, and that the chance to have a good life should be a reality for everyone.

Though most industries and figureheads may dismiss the Unifiers as just mere popularity votes and mob mentality or immensely sensitive over trivial matters, the Unifiers believe that they are the heart of every rising civilization and the people who carry champions to the end. Whether businesses and politicians like it or not, the Unifiers are their best bet to get people on their side. The future is in the people and the giant leap they take for humankind together.

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