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How will the Tech Faction Improve Quality of Life in Cryptopia?

Team Cryptopia
15.07.22 01:11 PM Comment(s)
Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a world where everyone’s objective is to improve the quality of life using technological advancement? Well, that’s exactly what the Tech faction seeks to achieve. This means, life will be more convenient, less labor intensive, and overall a better living standard. In order to achieve this, they will need to have a limited population of experts with mutually aligned perspectives. The Tech Faction is constantly up to date with new technology, and will utilize these advancements to achieve their goal. 

Tech Faction discovered a gene-altering technology which aligns with the concept of pro-choice, as opposed to Traditional Faction’s pro-life stance. This gene-altering technology will be able to modify people’s fertility, from being fertile to infertile and vice versa. Tech Faction will use this technology within their governing system. A limited expert population will be executed by making sure everyone is initially infertile, and if one decides to have an offspring, they’ll be assessed on a few factors: their intellect, accomplishments, and ability to raise a child to assure the offspring is happy, healthy and will contribute to the advancement of society. Their genes will be modified in order to have an offspring if they’re fit, which will be decided by AI. 

To sum up, the Tech Faction wants to provide life of a higher caliber, and will achieve this with gene-altering technology of one's fertility. This will create a more competent population with like-minded goals, and will also result in the acceleration of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.