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February 2023 Monthly Update

01.03.23 07:49 AM Comment(s)

February has been an exciting month filled with numerous events. Our team launched not one but two amazing initiatives — the Cryptopia Wiki and Season 2 of CryptopiaCast. Meanwhile, we've been keeping the momentum going with part 2 of Cryptopia Idol, and even hosted an insightful Twitter Space. Let's not forget our community members, who were also treated to a fun Valentine's Day campaign. So much happening in just one month!

Wiki Launch

Cryptopia's Wiki is the ultimate source of information on everything Cryptopia. The aim is to provide players with comprehensive knowledge about the game and its underlying technology. It covers the game's backstory, gameplay strategies, various elements (including resources, buildings, and functional NFTs), and technical features that make it a true blockchain game. Watch the launch from our very own Laudie

Wiki Ship Page

It is a wiki in progress and is constantly being added with new elements about Cryptopia, and on that note, we rolled out the page about Cryptopia's ships as well!

Read more about the game today by visiting


Our CoinMarketCap community has been experiencing consistent growth. In the previous month of our launch, we surpassed 200 members, and this month we've achieved close to 100% growth with just over 400 members! We're thrilled with our progress and anticipate similar growth in the upcoming months. We invite you to explore our articles on CoinMarketCap, which cover the topics of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Cryptopia. 

Besides our launch on CoinMarketCap, we have also been featured on their tweet! 

CryptopiaCast Season 2 Launch

Season 2 of CryptopiaCast has been a great delight. We've already had 2 guests, Vince Warnock, and Nicolle Lafosse, hosted by our CEO, Sangho Grolleman. There was even a community interview with our beloved community member Spjuthoken hosted by Community Manager, Lauderic.

Vince Warnock 

Vince Warnock is an award-winning Marketing and Visibility coach, Author and Host of the Chasing the Insights podcast and co-host of the NFT Ninjas podcast. In this podcast he discusses the beginning of his project, maintaining a positive mindset despite career challenges, and simple ways to achieve best-selling author status. Watch the full podcast here.

Nicolle Lafosse

Nicolle Lafosse is a dual-barred attorney who specializes in the legalities of blockchain technology. She advises top crypto projects in the world right now. In this episode, Nicolle dives into the intricacies of using crypto tokens and NFTs in the gaming world, discussing topics such as security classification, intellectual property rights, and DAO governance. Watch the full podcast here.


Spjuthoken is one of Cryptopia's most beloved and fun-loving community members. He is always active in our community and often helps guide new members about Cryptopia as well. On that note, we decided to host a community interview with him where we discuss his love for our community, and why hanging out in our community is so much fun! Watch the full podcast here.

Cryptopia Idol Part 2 

Last month, we talked about the launch of Cryptopia Idol. This month, we successfully continued with part 2, which featured an impressive array of talented contestants, including some who sing professionally. We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout and are excited to host more events like this in the near future! Watch the stream here.

It is important to note that one of the main judges for Cryptopia Idol was the talented singer and community member from Sweden, Onliner. We are extremely humbled by his continuous contribution and look forward to seeing more of his talents in Cryptopia Community!

Fun Fact: Onliner also composed and sang a beautiful song about Cryptopia! Listen here.

Twitter Space

During our Twitter Space event, "Being Good in Web3," our CEO, Sangho and Community Manager, Laudie, discussed what it truly means to excel in the Web3 space. They addressed various challenges that exist within this industry and provided valuable insights on how to avoid common pitfalls.

Spread The Love With Cryptopia Campaign 

Valentine's Day is an occasion for expressing affection to those who are dear to us. In keeping with this sentiment, we launched a campaign rewarding our community members to share their lovely moments with the hashtag #SpreadTheLoveWithCryptopia. 

Development & Design Updates

The updates from our development and design team have been nothing less than spectacular. You'll see updates from everything on new Title Deed NFT designs, to a preview of our player-run nodes, and other in-game implementations. 

Ship on Map Scene 

Cryptopia's Grasslands [Levels 1-3]

Mesh Network Preview

Steel Factory

Tech Steel Factory

Traditional Steel Factory

 Sea & Seasteading Title Deed 

Loading Screen

Land-to-Land Transaction Mining 

Land-to-Land Transaction Pending

Land-to-Sea Transaction Pending

Sea-to-Sea Transaction Pending

A lot more designs have been implemented in the game now:

Escape/Pause Screen

View your ship, avatar, and equipped companion [Equipped companion not in screenshot]

View inventory on your avatar and ship [Ship inventory not shown in screenshot] 

Dashboard for Notifications and News

Tile Market Window [Buy, claim, and sell land]

Tile Info Window [View specific info about a tile]

Settings Menu Revamp [3D look & reorganized tabs]

About Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a next-gen metaverse game based entirely on the blockchain that provides players with a grand opportunity to earn as they play. From inception, it was created with the idea that it wouldn’t be like any other blockchain game out there, particularly because it’s designed with fun gameplay. 

Cryptopia has actively been growing & developing, and we want to be sure our investors and community members are up to date with everything we’ve been working on.

Thank you for joining our journey, connect with us and stay updated!

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