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Exploring the Technological Utopia of Cryptopia: Tech Faction’s Vision for the City-State

02.01.23 04:18 AM Comment(s)
The project Cryptopia is fairly large and has numerous facets. Founder and Lead Developer, Frank Bonnet, wanted Cryptopia to be a game that can't be shut down. It is a metaverse at its core. Cryptopia is completely decentralized; there is no server because the entire game state is completely on the blockchain. And this is where Bitcoin serves as an inspiration because Bitcoin is decentralized, and no one can stop it.

Frank, the developer of this exciting initiative observed that there are two ways that individuals might make money: those who want to invest in order to earn and those who want to play in order to earn. With respect to giving players opportunities, he then had the notion to incorporate various methods into a single game. The project will not mandate players to invest in cryptocurrency, but if they choose to do so, they are free to invest their tokens in other players who also desire to make money; thereby building a sustainable business model.

When you explore Cryptopia, you will discover for yourself that the project's creator aimed to establish a game that is actually enjoyable to play, which is what made this project interesting.

Tech Faction's Vision

The Web3-based game Cryptopia is divided into four factions—Eco, Industrial, Traditional, and Tech.

German philosopher Martin Heidegger once said, "Technology is not just a thing; it's how we interact with the world. Therefore, it's no surprise that different technologies are, in essence, distinct methods of responding to reality." Because they objectify nature and transform it into a resource that can be measured, calculated, and rationed, modern technologies like strong machines are convenient ways to dominate the Earth. With that being said, this article will focus on the Tech faction. 

The majority of modern technology in Cryptopia was created by Sam Clark, who also serves as the advisor of the Tech faction. Sam first became interested in robots and coding, just like any other adolescent who is fascinated by technology. He created his own robot to compete against opponents in numerous no-holds-barred competitions, winning the overall title and generating countless prototype ideas in the process. 

Aside from being the creator behind the developed software to cater to human needs, he is also the leader of the Technocrats. The Technocrats can be described as individuals who are ambitious and innovative. They have made a name for themselves as one of the fundamental cornerstones of a Cryptopian society. Your phones, screens, and buildings were probably all designed by Technocrats, as were most other things you use.

Sam diligently sought to identify areas where his innovations could be enhanced and refined further. He was persistent and always reliant on the scientific process. He had a string of failures until hitting gold with a wearable PDA prototype in his parent's backyard. From there, he discovered that every experiment mattered and can lead to a variety of outcomes. He recruited and collaborated with like-minded people to form the Technocrats, a team of youthful inventors reshaping modern life via technology and scientific research.

Since Cryptopia serves as the primary center for commerce, production, and supplies, the Technocrats are eager to see what is on the market and what is currently being produced, choosing not to make any distinctions regarding resources and instead looking only at what corresponds to their most recent technological blueprint—the goals outweigh the means when it comes to a prospective technological advance.

Sam believes machines and coding are the ever-evolving tools that people need to live and improve their quality of life, and that technology is the answer to everything.

With Cryptopia slowly establishing itself, if you think we can build the technological utopia that Sam Clark envisions—a brave new world where technology is used to innovate and improve to the fullest extent possible—you are also destined to go Tech.

Why wait when the future is now? Aim for a better future alongside Sam Clark and the Technocrats’ beliefs that the future is entirely up to you if you have the appropriate plan and the necessary tools.

Why hesitate when we, Cryptopians, are the future?


Sam Clark is the epitome of what a great advisor should be. He consistently pays attention to detail, is persistent, and always relies on science, and he pictured Cryptopia as a wealthy city where everyone enjoys the finest standard of living possible.

Sam believes that when the majority of the population is compelled to toil away in low-paying, high-stress, menial labor, living in a highly sophisticated society cannot exist. We can thus free up people to work in professions that offer stimulating challenges and higher remuneration by automating such jobs. Doesn't it all seem promising?

You are welcome to DYOR with the other three factions to ascertain which of their goals most closely resembles your own views and values in building a better Cryptopia.

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