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Eco Faction: What does it contain & why should you be an Earth’s Disciple

26.12.22 04:44 AM Comment(s)
Using a safe, secure, and open system, citizens can buy, sell, vote, and carry out other necessary tasks in the independent city-state of Cryptopia—a metaverse game built on the blockchain. Additionally, Cryptopia, a seasteading city-state, gives its people total freedom to experiment and develop the kind of society they want. It has evolved into humanity's safe haven, the new social order that the planet needs to survive.

But not everyone saw the new society in the same way. Some people thought Cryptopia would make them extremely wealthy, while others viewed it as a chance to start over and protect the environment. Many, however, maintained that fundamental policies ought to be rooted in technology, while others contended that they ought to be decided by popular consensus. These conflicting agendas inevitably caused the populace to divide into four factions:
  • Eco Faction
  • Tech Faction
  • Industrial Faction
  • Traditional Faction

Each faction has a representative who acts as the public face of their faction and trains new members. This person is known as the "face" of the faction. In this article, we will explore the Eco faction and the advantages of being a member of this group. We will focus specifically on the Eco faction and examine its characteristics and benefits.

Eco Faction: What Does it Contain?

John Smith saw a chance to start over and usher in a new era with the rise of Cryptopia. To guard this contemporary Eden, he produced the Disciples of Earth. He saw it as a new beginning where Mother Nature is at its best, thanks to the coexistence of humans and technology.

Attributes that describe the Eco faction include:
  • To ensure that the lands are sustainably home to their native flora and fauna, the Earth's Disciples have started several initiatives, protests, and political actions.
  • The disciples took care to put safeguards that stop the environment from suffering further damage due to nearby waste and toxic byproducts.
  • The Eco faction is focused on reusable energy and mindful, sustainable behaviors that reduce carbon footprints; solar power is among their main industries, for instance.
  • Creation of parks that will allow both people and the environment to thrive.
  • The launch of research on local natural environments to determine how people can further continue improving their surroundings and more effectively adapt to nature.
  • Creation of environmentally friendly living practices, such as producing recyclable or biodegradable materials.
  • They criticize and interfere in any environmental initiative they consider too harmful, even going so far as to shut down businesses due to their moderate nature.

All of this is what the Eco faction envisions, and it is made possible through Cryptopia being powered by a variety of renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, and water. They employ these methods to gradually but surely produce wealth and profit.

Why should you be Eco?

The Eco faction's tenets center on living sustainably and in harmony with the environment. Even though the Earth's Disciples recognize that a healthier planet is in everyone's best interests, only some support their goals and methods. The industrialist typically only considers the immediate financial gains and cooperates with projects only when profitable. 

When innovations use up resources, sustainability efforts in technology are only sometimes given top priority. However, in order to manage waste and maintain their carbon footprint in accordance with the Earth's Disciples' standards, the public at large needs both time and perseverance.

However, this doesn't deter John Smith and the Earth's Disciples because the challenge of restoring Earth to its former glory is Earth herself. 

Being in the Eco faction has a number of advantages, including:
  • All of their energy comes from renewable sources like solar and wind, so they have zero energy production costs.
  • The Eco Faction's main objective is to impact the environment positively. The assets and NFTs at their disposal center on climate.
  • Compared to other factions, such as Industrial, the Eco faction is better able to maintain eco-balance and increase the population.
  • The levels of CO2 are essential to the Eco faction. Your production and financial gains will rise if the CO2 level is low or negative.
  • Eco creates less pollution, which would otherwise completely get out of hand and never stop.
  • Eco grows and improves more quickly than other factions since building materials are easily accessible.
  • Eco faction encourages ecological awareness in the local ecosystems.
  • The Eco Ffction makes use of solar energy, minimizes environmental impact, uses non-toxic raw material, and effectively utilizes renewable energy sources to ensure that the environment is reliable and capable of supporting both the current and future generations.
  • Eco allows players to freely assemble resources for themselves in order to satisfy their hedonistic and gain goal needs.
  • The eco-factory is more compact and can be made to be environmentally friendly.
  • Cooperation is a big part of Eco, and players create groups to keep the equilibrium in their virtual ecosystem. This mechanic distinguishes it from other factions where rivalry, sabotage, and conflict have a clear winner.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a society where everyone strives to raise the standard of living by incorporating eco-friendly initiatives like reforestation and using renewable energy sources? The Eco faction is aiming to accomplish just that. 

As a result, the carbon footprint will be smaller, the game's virtual ecosystem will remain in balance, and overall, people will live in better conditions. Being eco has the potential to increase awareness of climate change, with a clear ecological specific intent, showing a world in which the life-giving energy of the planet herself becomes the ultimate resource for exploitation.

Cryptopia emphasizes how necessary actions like controlling CO2 levels can help increase production, in addition to focusing on how quickly nature is depleting. CO2 is a gameplay element shared by the Eco and Industrial factions; for the Industrial, it must be high, and for the Eco, it must be low. 

The Industrial faction's buildings will produce more when CO2 levels are high, whereas the Eco faction's buildings will produce less when CO2 levels are low. Meanwhile, the general public needs both patience and time to manage waste and maintain their carbon footprint per the guidelines set forth by the Earth's Disciples.