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Discovery Mode in Cryptopia: Navigating your way Free of Gas

Team Cryptopia
24.05.22 11:11 AM Comment(s)

Cryptopia's Discovery Mode

In a blockchain-based game, it’s no secret that gas fees can be a burden, but thanks to Polygon we can expect gas fees to remain low. To complement this, Cryptopia has a feature called Discovery Mode which allows you to navigate around the map at no cost. The gist of it is, if you don’t need to make a move/transaction, you should not have to transact. This enables for a true 100% blockchain-based gaming experience without putting a dent in your wallet. 

Discovery Mode allows you to travel around Cryptopia free of gas. It’s great for exploring Cryptopia: you can see where all the other players are, location of resources, mini-games, and other activities taking place. The biggest advantage of this is when making a strategic move. You can see which tile you would like to interact with and confirm your decision to travel there, at which point you’ll be prompted to pay gas. The quickest route to your strategically chosen tile will be calculated and executed for you, and it’s important to note that the speed you travel at will be dependent on your ship’s upgrade module.