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December 2022 Monthly Update

29.12.22 11:55 AM Comment(s)

About Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a next-gen metaverse game based entirely on the blockchain that provides players with a grand opportunity to earn as they play. From inception, it was created with the idea that it wouldn’t be like any other blockchain game out there, particularly because it’s designed with fun gameplay. 

Cryptopia has actively been growing & developing, and we want to be sure our investors and community members are up to date with everything we’ve been working on.


December has been an overwhelmingly eventful, and productive month! We had multiple meetings with key people in the industry, participated in a meetup with Polygon, and held various community events, and campaigns.

Meetings with YGG, Solana, and BlockchainSpace

Founder and Lead Developer Frank Bonnet, together with CMO Pichapen, had a productive meeting with Thana Srilaveevilas: Country Manager of YGG Thailand. It strengthened relationships with YGG, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with them in 2023 and forming a partnership!

Polygon Guild Bangkok MeetUp

The Polygon Guild Bangkok MeetUp is a new initiative to educate the Polygon community in Thailand, in parallel to expanding the adoption of their network. Tobias Abdon, Thailand’s Polygon representative and Co-Founder of, invited us to participate in the first-ever Polygon MeetUp in Thailand. Pichapen, our CMO represented Cryptopia on their panel, along with another upcoming affiliate marketing platform for NFTs: Affi Network. Only projects building on Web3 can participate in this MeetUp; it was a great opportunity for us to connect with the Polygon community in Thailand, and enlighten them about Cryptopia. 

Bounty Hunter vs. Pirates

This month we launched a new edition of our early access ships, the bounty hunter version! We revealed these ships to our community in the form of a campaign: the Bounty Hunter vs Pirates campaign. The introduction of bounty hunters has produced the thrill of PvP (player vs. player) gameplay in Cryptopia. During the duration of this campaign, members who already owned an early access ship could participate in a referral minting system, which included a 10% reward for every mint. We also educated the community about the perks of having a bounty hunter early access ship and the gameplay mechanic between them and the pirates. Furthermore, inside our Discord, there was a server-wide looting game taking place. This allowed our Discord members to loot each other for points. At the end of the campaign, the total points could be used to redeem some prizes: a spot in our CRT public sale whitelist, winter merchandise, and even an early access ship! 

Year End Party

On December 22nd, we hosted a Year End Party in our Discord. It was great to see our team, community members, and special guests come and celebrate together with several fun activities, and games. The singing activity stood out, particularly because our Co-Founder Hansco Leek joined in to sing as well! We even rewarded the active participation of community members who stood out the most.

Share Your Photos Campaign

We are currently running a Share Your Photos Campaign. This is a fun activity, where members share their pictures with Cryptopia merch or their own handmade ones, during the holidays when they go to parties and gatherings with their loved ones… and yes, those with the most likes and retweets will earn a chance to win some CRT or merch! 

Development & Design Updates

Following our pre-alpha launch, there has been a whole new wave of new designs and developments taking place. We are really excited about everything that is coming to fruition, and can’t wait for you to try the new iteration on Polygon’s Mumbai testnet during our public beta in Q1 2023!

1. Beach Nighttime Scenery

2. Desert Nighttime Scenery

3. Jungle Nighttime Scenery

4. Coral Nighttime Scenery

5. Starter Ship NFTs Design

6. Pirate Early Access Ships Videos

Cetus: Eco Pirate EAS

Charybdis: Industrial Pirate EAS

Manta: Tech Pirate EAS

Tempest: Traditional Pirate EAS

7. Stress Testing Animals

8. CRT Token Design

9. New Website

Thank you for joining our journey, connect with us and stay updated!

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