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Cryptopia: The Blockchain State

07.11.21 11:00 AM Comment(s)

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The lost revolutionairy whitepaper

It all started from an idea. A proposal from a mysterious paper written by a recluse. But it was an idea that changed the world.

When Kotonashi Masato’s whitepaper hit the Internet, it came during a time of great upheaval. Several Asian nations were defaulting on their foreign loans due to government mismanagement, and coupled with rising U.S. interest rates, caused a sharp drop in value in the region’s currency values. Governments around the world did not act quickly enough to stem the problem. Within days, the financial sickness spread into a full-blown crisis that left many economies in tatters.

As this was happening, a prolonged drought struck Central America, which in turn plunged many nations into a food crisis. More loan defaults followed. Coupled with a series of uncontrolled wildfires, intense hurricanes that flooded coasts — and the world economy was brought to its knees. Everywhere, people protested against hunger, low wages, and job loss. The world was teetering on the edge, and it seemed hardly anyone was in control.

The Kotonashi whitepaper changed everything. It put under the spotlight the failure of governments and corporations to protect the world economy and how they manipulated their currency values for gain with little regard for risks to ordinary people. It also proposed a solution: a city free from the interference of other nations, with an economy based on the blockchain — stable, transparent, fair.

The question was: could it be done? It didn’t take long before a few enterprising people tried to find out.


The industrialists were the first to act. Led by megacorp CEO Peter Nolan, they pooled their resources, gathered on their boats, and sailed out to the Atlantic Ocean. Here, they found a continental rise that was shallow enough to build a massive seasteading platform while far enough from the borders of any country.

But it wasn’t enough to construct such a place. It needed electricity, computers, and technology to make it run. Nobel Prize-winning scientist and entrepreneur Sam Clark answered the call. He led a group of engineers and scientists to the platform. Using solar, tidal, and geothermal energy sources, they powered the city’s computers and brought Cryptopia’s blockchain-based economy to life.

There was more to be done to make the city livable. Economist and former governor Jane Brown was invited to join the budding city-state. She codified the laws that would allow Citizens to vote and set policies themselves, thereby creating an unprecedented amount of freedom and transparency. Everyone would be equal and no voice would be left out.

Finally, environmentalist and CEO John Smith came on board as well. His team of experts helped turn the platform in the middle of the ocean into a living, breathing island, with nature parks and sustainable industries that helped people even as it kept the air and seas clean.


These early citizens envisioned a city free of the economic sicknesses that plagued the planet, where people were allowed to seek happiness and the life they want without interference. In a few short years, Cryptopia went from pipe dream to reality.

This early time was difficult but prosperous for Cryptopia. The legality of their state was challenged by most countries, with the majority refusing it entry into the United Nations. Only a few friendly states were willing to trade with it. Fortunately, Crytopia grew in popularity, with more and more people sailing to it and joining its population by the day. The clamor for its recognition could not be denied.

The great divergence

But the peace of this newborn city did not last. Soon, the population began to splinter into four different factions in pursuit of different goals.

The industrialists banded together under Nolan’s leadership, strongly believing in profit and giving everyone the freedom to pursue business as they see fit, without regulation.

Smith, on the other hand, believed that Cryptopia should not repeat the mistakes of the outside world and advocated environmental justice. As such, he formed a coalition of like-minded individuals that support a healthy ecology.

Clark saw things differently — the world’s misery is due to the people’s lack of belief in science. He declared that a scientific approach to living would be the only way for the city to survive. He created the technological faction and directed them to use research and development that would raise Cryptopia’s economy and standard of living.

In contrast, Brown believed that the citizens must be allowed to choose whatever policies they wished, and everything must go through a democratic process. She formed the traditional faction in hopes of protecting the city’s institutions and fostering goodwill among the entire population.

These disagreements came to a head when all four factios received word that their rivals were creating policies aimed at defunding their own group. It was later discovered that this was fake news spread by an agent sent by the European bloc, who was attempting to destabilize Cryotopia’s rising power. Though he was ejected from the city-state, the damage was done. Their mistrust deepened, the four factions separately declared themselves leaders of Cryptopia, each one attempting to steer the city towards their individual agendas.

The future: your chance

Cryptopia’s future now rests in the hands of its citizens — in people like you. Will you help build a unified Cryptopia where the factions work and prosper together? Or will you fight for your faction’s goals and beliefs, no matter the cost? How will you shape this new world?

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