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Cryptopia's Early Access Ship Perks

Team Cryptopia
15.06.22 02:56 AM Comment(s)

The Early-Access Ship (which we’ll refer to as EAS henceforth) in Cryptopia is your main mode of transport. It provides many benefits for players through testnet to mainnet. These EASs all come with factors that help your gameplay, strategy, and most importantly, it greatly increases your chance for success in Cryptopia. 

The benefit you get from holding EASs today, is access to the demo of Cryptopia while it’s getting ready for public beta testnet! This is available in our Discord, so please verify your wallet in our 👑| activate-perks channel to get access to the Cryptopia demo.

Holding an EAS will get you access to the public beta testnet. What this allows you to do is claim land/water tiles in Cryptopia before the majority of other players get in. These tiles are Title Deed NFTs, and it proves your ownership of the property. Preliminary access also enables you to get a head start in your exploration of Cryptopia and in crafting your gameplay strategy for the mainnet.

The first benefit of the EAS is that they come with better starting stats – this equates to a ship with faster speed, larger storage, stronger defense, and an increase in power. The way this benefits your gameplay, for example, is if there’s a quest on a specific tile you want to pursue, you’ll need to reach there before anyone else, which the faster speed stat of a ship allows you to do.

The second benefit is that you can keep testnet resources and bring these over to the mainnet! Since EASs have storage space, this will allow you to carry over resources and NFTs claimed during testnet over to mainnet, and needless to say, increases your chances for success in Cryptopia. These resources will be airdropped, but what’s more interesting is claiming ready built mines.

The third benefit is that EAS holders can already claim tiles on the mainnet during the open beta. 

In conclusion, EASs will increase your chance of success in Cryptopia and it gives you access to the demo today. It also gives you access to the public beta testnet launch planned for Q3 where you can claim tiles ahead of the crowd. The ships come with better starting stats, in addition to enabling you to plan and strategize your gameplay before the masses get in. The most important advantage of EASs is the ability to carry over your resources and NFTs from tesnet to mainnet, which will definitely put you ahead of all other players that join during public beta mainnet, and can then claim land.