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Cryptopia Roadmap and Go-To-Market

29.04.22 10:00 AM Comment(s)

Cryptopia is a unique experiment. More than two years ago, Frank Bonnet, our founder, and lead developer started working on his idea of a game that runs 100% on the blockchain. Fast forward to 2022: we have a working proof of concept. Investors and hundreds of gamers have validated this concept: they want to invest and play the game!

In January, we published our roadmap. We plotted several game mechanics and functionalities on a timeline. We knew that this roadmap would be subject to change. As with all software development projects, you try to hit your milestones, but sometimes you need to delay or postpone elements of your project. With blockchain technology, this is even more likely to happen. It is immutable therefore, there are no second chances. You have to do it right on the first try.

Our game has the whole game state on the blockchain. This has never been done before. We are very confident that we will succeed. However, we cannot commit 100% to timelines. We know it is experimental, and we will face issues that we could not have foreseen. This is why our roadmap comes with a disclaimer. Of course, we do everything in our power to hit the milestones, but we accept that this will not be possible all the time. We want you to fully understand this dynamic. So, you have the right expectations.

Open beta

So, how are we going to get from proof of concept to a game? We added functionality to the proof of concept during the past months and upgraded it to a demo. This demo will be an ongoing open beta. We will continually add new elements and slowly build our full game on the testnet. Once the game runs stable and everything works as intended, we will start moving to the mainnet. This may sound like we simply flip a switch. But, that is not the case. We will move elements gradually to the mainnet until everything is there.

Early access ships

The early access ships (you can still buy these here) will have a unique role during the open beta. These ships come with exciting perks:

  • You are allowed to bring resources from testnet to mainnet! We have to flesh out the details yet. We think about an ‘all you can carry’ rule: everything that fits in your ship can be taken with you to the mainnet.
  • You can buy land on the mainnet! We will auction small amounts of title deed NFTs (proof of ownership). Once the migration to the mainnet is complete, you will own that specific tile on the mainnet. We think about one tile per early access ship. Again, we need to work out the specifics.
  • Not decided yet: we want to allow you to keep special NFTs and take these with you to the mainnet. We have to think this through carefully to retain the game balance.

When will the game be finished?

The game will be ready when everything on the roadmap has been cleared. When the game runs stable on the testnet for a good amount of time. But also, when we have taken care of the wishes of our community.

We want you to play the game you like. So, your opinion really matters. If we see that the community wants an addition to the game, we can add this. Take the recent example of pirates. Of course, all within the boundaries of the story, lore and gameplay.

Play soon

To summarize all of the above:

  • The Cryptopia roadmap will change over time and is not set in stone.
  • Everyone can start playing our open beta on the testnet soon.
  • The open beta version will evolve and ultimately become the complete game on the testnet.
  • Early access ships have great perks like keeping valuable resources and title deeds (own land on the mainnet).
  • The Cryptopia community has a say in the development of the game.
  • Migration of the complete game on the testnet to the mainnet will be gradual.

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