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Cryptopia March 2022 Update

31.03.22 10:00 AM Comment(s)

About Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a next-gen metaverse game based entirely on the blockchain that provides players a grand opportunity to earn as they play. From inception, it was created with the idea that it wouldn’t be like any other blockchain game out there.

Cryptopia has actively been growing & developing, and we want to make sure our investors and community members are up to date with everything we’ve been working on.

Polygon Grant Received

We are very excited to announce that Cryptopia has received a grant from Polygon to help build our blockchain-based DeFi metaverse game. We’d like to thank 0xPolygon and our true believers for their continuous support in making Cryptopia the best blockchain game! This is a huge milestone for us, because Polygon has over 2.5 million monthly active users and Cryptopia will gain access to them, not to mention that Polygon’s marketing team will be helping us as well. 

As a Layer-2 solution to Ethereum, Polygon will provide lower fees, and it’s built to scale as user volume increases; this means that Cryptopia can be used for mass adoption while still maintaining the security, interoperability, and structural benefits of Ethereum!

Development Updates


  • Finalized in-game NFT market
  • Added resources (gold etc.) to tiles
  • Added wildlife (deer etc.) to tiles
  • Added caching to path validation for gas performance

Game Client:

  • Added resources (gold) to tiles
  • Added wildlife (deer) to tiles
  • Finalized first version of the minimap
  • Boosted performance with GPU instancing

*Tiles are Cryptopia’s claimable property

Design Updates

This month, our team has been tirelessly crafting designs of in-game buildings, such as factories, power plants, plantations, and modules as well.


Electronic Factories

Power Plants:

Nuclear Power Plant

Oil Fired Power Plant


Seaweed Plantation


Building Module: Power Plant Turbine

Ship Module: Solar Panel Battery

Team Expansion

We have been expanding our team this month in Marketing and Game Development. There’s a strong marketing team working day in, day out, and you can see the team members on our website. We’re still in an informal trial period with our new developers to make sure they’re the right fit for Cryptopia, and whether they match our required skillset.

AMA Recap

This month we had our first Live AMA held on our discord. There were some great questions about the Early-Access Ships and their benefits, and more conversations around the project and gameplay of Cryptopia. Don’t miss our next one, join our community and stay informed on the developments and other aspects of the game!

Thank you for joining our journey, connect with us and stay updated!

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