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Cryptopia June AMA featuring Daxio

Team Cryptopia
18.06.22 07:12 AM Comment(s)

Cryptopia June AMA 1/2

Welcome to the recap of our June AMA featuring Frode Jorgensen, the founder of Daxio and one of our biggest partners, together with our CEO, Sangho Grolleman. The discussion was based on Daxio – their developments and upcoming events, along with some essential points about Cryptopia. 

We started off by talking about our Early Access Ships (EAS). When anyone starts playing Cryptopia, they will receive an NFT, which is a basic starting ship. Early Access Ships are NFTs that give you a headstart in the game. They come with better starting stats – speed, storage, defense and power, and they even have a different design. So they cosmetically look more appealing! One of the best advantages according to our CEO is that owning an EAS will grant you access to our open beta testnet. As mentioned earlier, the EASs have a storage capacity, and you can carry the resources that fit in your ship’s storage, from testnet over to mainnet. This means that when the game launches, you’ve already got resources and assets with you, in the real deal.

We will be auctioning land and sea tiles during the mainnet, but we also will be doing the same in the open beta testnet for 1,000 tiles, only accessible by the EAS holders. This means the EAS holders can already buy tiles on the mainnet which contain resources, during the open beta testnet. In addition to this, there will be airdrops as well. The details for what the airdrops will contain are yet to be fleshed out. These may contain tokens, resources, and some assets in partnership with other projects. The longer you hold the EAS, the larger advantage you’ll have with airdrops. We have also recently designed some new EASs containing country flags on them. As of right now there are 19 country EASs, but when demand grows we’ll be catering more designs in accordance.

We then invited Frode over to the stage to talk about Daxio. He announced that Daxio will be rolling out their event eggs, in preparation for the massive event at Phuket in August. They have booked out an entire hotel with 1,000 attendees. They’ll be announcing more partnerships during this event, which is really exciting! The point of Daxio’s events is to grow their community and attract members from all over the world, with the intention of introducing them to projects like Cryptopia. Furthermore, Daxio will also be rolling out NFTs for their new play-to-earn platform, which is designed for the mobile games that they’ve been beta testing for a while now.

Moving back to our EASs, we have a total of 10,000 ships available to mint. As of right now, there are approximately 1,300 ships that have already been minted! The demand is growing really fast, especially now that it's available at a really cheap price based on the current market prices. 

It was really good to see a fellow community member from Nigeria come up to speak with us. He is actually a member of Daxio and that is how he found Cryptopia. He expressed his appreciation for Daxio and Cryptopia, and he even informed us that he minted a ship as well and is looking forward to mint even more. His goal is to become a Diamond member of Daxio, and it was great to see that he’s going to be spreading word about Cryptopia in Nigeria and about how to mint EASs as well!

Our first question was regarding our partners and whether we’re looking for more. As mentioned earlier, Daxio is our largest partner and we’re very happy with them; they’ve brought in a lot of people and traffic into our community. Our second partner is Polygon, we received a grant from them and when we are further with our open beta, the partnership will be more evident. We will move completely over to Polygon, team up with their marketing team and do some comarketing together. We’re in talks with Axie Infinity, and looking to work together with them as well. 

Sangho went on to further talk about the metaverse and blockchain gaming and that interoperability between games is crucial to success in this space. The day earlier we had a Twitter Space with Krigol, founder of Ryu Sekai, and he mentioned that integrating parts games together is actually not technically that difficult. So it’s not really about competing with other projects, but rather cooperating together with multiple projects, and that future is looking rather bright! 

The next question touched on whether it is required for players to have solid knowledge about the game, or will there be a tutorial sequence to get players familiarized? We will have tutorial quests to help players start and get going in Cryptopia World. Tutorials won’t be presented to you all at once, as you progress your way in Cryptopia you’ll receive the relevant tutorials accordingly. 

Following that, a community member wondered about what makes Cryptopia unique and if a crypto background is required in order to play? What’s unique about Cryptopia is that we combine different play styles and cater for the different player motivations in the play-and-earn space. The motivation for players in this space can keep changing, at some points they could really be enjoying that game, and suddenly it may change to getting a return on their investments. We have two main gameplay strategies in Cryptopia, Tycoon and Adventure; these strategies both complement and need each other to play the game. Other things that make the game unique are that Cryptopia is built 100% on the blockchain, and that the game comes with a built-in Multisig wallet, in fact, the game is the wallet – there is no need to use any external 3rd party wallet. Adding to the unique factors, players can pool resources to buy assets as well, like a mini-DAO, by creating their own token. So there’s no barrier of entry if prices of assets become too expensive in the game. 

Another question was regarding nodes in the game. In Cryptopia we will have nodes. Essentially these nodes are license NFTs, which allows some players who buy a node to operate them, while other players will check whether the nodes are online or not. The best part is that there’s an incentive model attached to this structure for both ends of the party. 

Lastly, Frode received a question on how Daxio is going to exist inside of Cryptopia. So Daxio will have their own world, and there is a Daxio Key, which is the key that grants members early access into Daxio World. This means that players who come across Daxio World in Cryptopia cannot enter it unless they have the Daxio Key. Currently they’re available at Rarible, but will soon only be available directly on Daxio’s smart contracts, and this makes it easier to connect to Cryptopia in the future. 

Thank you for reading, and please watch the recorded AMA for a full coverage of all the great questions asked by our community!

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