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Bounty Hunter Early Access Ships

15.12.22 08:50 AM Comment(s)

What are the Bounty Hunter Ships?

The bounty hunter early access ships (EAS) are designed to be extremely efficient at sea combat; aggressively hovering through Cryptopia World to quickly confront pirates and retrieve the loot back. Owning a bounty hunter early access ship also earns you a bounty hunter badge. 

There are 4 different different bounty hunter early access ships—each a sub-faction ship.

Maelstrom is the Industrial faction’s bounty hunter EAS. It is primed for combat on the open sea, the Maelstrom compensates for its lack of high speeds with its cheap fuel and a large cargo hold for storing recovered loot. The large cargo space is the same as Neptune, the original Industrial faction’s EAS.

Trident is the Tech faction’s bounty hunter EAS. It is a true strike craft that can blitz most pirate defenses, the Trident is perfect for pursuit on the open seas. However, it sacrifices cargo space for speed, just like Cygnus, the original Tech faction’s EAS. 

Spartacus is the Traditional faction’s bounty hunter EAS. It’s a prime example of a warship, the Spartacus balances speed, cargo space, and energy consumption, making it a reliable vessel for assaulting pirates.

Osprey is the Eco faction bounty hunter EAS. One of the most efficient pursuit vessels on the market, the Osprey requires no fossil fuels and has a large cargo hold. Great for hunting pirates for long stretches of time.