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12.04.22 10:00 AM Comment(s)

Did you ever need to decide whether to start playing a game or not? I did many times and here is what gets me into a game.

First of all, does the game genre allure me? I like so-called MMOs, massively multiplayer online games. Leveling up a character, specializing in certain skills (I really have a soft spot for sword and board), picking up crafting, and so on. I love it! This excludes many types of games from my consideration set. Some games — how beautiful and perfect they may be — do simply not appeal to me. It is not the fault of crappy graphics or hampered gameplay: I never even get to experience these.

So, in this example, I only look for new MMOs. Apart from lore and narrative, there is one thing I always do check before investing my time: the state of the endgame. This may be particularly relevant for MMOs: you level up a character and spend many hours building up her capabilities (yes, I always play female characters… I rather look at a beautiful lady during my hours of questing). Is it worth it? What can you do once the level cap is reached? What are the incentives to keep playing?

I figured this may also be a question you have for our game Cryptopia. Especially since our game involves an earning component. So, let’s have a chat about that.

Cryptopia is a so-called 4x game: explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. The last x is not really about extermination, but about vying for influence between four factions. No player can be destroyed. Cryptopia is all about building up supply chains that revolve around resources. Think about gold mines, steel factories, decentralized exchanges, etc. To get resources players can buy tiles. The supply of these tiles is finite. Once the last one is claimed every plot of land or sea is owned. Of course, you can decide to sell your land again, so there will be a thriving trade in title deeds (our NFTs to prove ownership of a tile).

This may raise a question. What does the endgame look like when all tiles are claimed? Will it still be attractive for new players to get in? Of course, the answer is yes!

The endgame in Cryptopia is different from other games because there is not really an endgame. The game will evolve, steered by the directions of the community. Let’s say that all tiles are claimed and all buildings are built and upgraded. The community then can decide to add new types of buildings, new types of resources even new worlds to explore (space anyone?). So, there will never be a permanent situation where everything is set and done. This makes sure there always is a reason for existing players to keep playing and new players to join.

New players can safely invest their time and/or assets knowing that the gameplay will never end. And the beauty of it all? If life decides you need to focus on other areas, you can (partly) liquidate your assets and time invested.

How about you? What do you think is important when you consider a new game?

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